The Paper Bandits are a duo of creative artist, who happen to be sisters. They use photography to document and capture memories that we tend to look past. 

Ca Le

Ca works with video, animation and photography. She enjoys materials aesthetics uses intricate cutouts, material specific drawings, and models in her animations and photographs.

Ca graduated with a B.F.A. in Integrated Media from OCAD University. Her piece, THE PAPERSCAPE, has been shown at the Augmented Cinema Film Festival and the Toronto Youth Short Film Festival as part of their Off-Screen Exhibition.

Connie Le

Connie Le is currently in her second year at OCAD University. She explores creative perspectives in her photography and art.

Photographs are memories captured in time. We take pictures only to end up storing them away on hard drives and on the web, and over time, they become lost and forgotten.

Paper Bandits is a storage space for visual memories through the perspective of Ca and Connie.