YRE 2014 Portugal | Part 2

 After group work and reporting about our interview with Gosia Luszcek (FEE), I was able to explore the town of Cascais

Sorry Mom I Couldn't Finish That Stencil, 2014

Day 4

Our group visited the European Recycle Platform, and learned how to recycle electronic waste properly. Guided by Filipa Moita

Group 3 hard at work, reporting and creating a presentation 

Day 5

Presentation of reports and conclusions at Casa das Histórias

After presentations we visited Crismina Dunes Interpretation Center, where YRE eradicated invasive plants

Our visit to Cabo Da Roca, "Where the land ends and the sea begins"

The last day, ending off with a beautiful sunset
The YRE Family

Our visit to Sintra, UNESCO World Heritage - Cultural Landscape

Goodbye Party

Photographs are memories captured in time. We take pictures only to end up storing them away on hard drives and on the web, and over time, they become lost and forgotten.

Paper Bandits is a storage space for visual memories through the perspective of Ca and Connie.